Coachboat Management, LLC is an authorized dealer for VSR in the United States, supporting VSR in all aspects of their line. All boats are sold directly to the customer and hand delivered by a qualified VSR representative.

Coachboat Management, LLC supplies coach and support boats to individuals, teams, and regatta organizers at events throughout the United States. Our charter fleet consists of 5.8m VSR ribs.

VSR boats provide a dry, safe, and comfortable ride in both inland and offshore environments. VSR is a new generation RIB with a very slender, high bow, great planning quality, and a waterline with minimum wetted surface.

Coachboat Management, LLC takes pride in our ability to deliver top customer service to our clients.

For more information or to charter a boat please call us at 1-305-753-5224 or contact us here.

“Coachboat Management is a great representative of VSR here in the US. They have consistently gone above and beyond to ensure the quality of the VSR product, to ensure that my sailing foundation gets great service and that I am personal satisfied with the whole VSR experience.

We now own two VSR 5.8C and will continue to brag about the VSR and Coachboat Management!”

Michael F Guerriero
COO Gulf Coast Youth Sailing Association