Standard Console

The VSR standard console, made from Vinylester resin, is rough and very durable.

The VSR console comes in a basic white color. Custom coloring options are available on request.


Coach Office

The VSR Coach Office consoles are designed to mount a vast array of electronic equipment and provide more internal console storage.

The VSR Coach Office console comes in a basic white color. Custom coloring options are available on request.

The stainless-steel tow post is designed for safe towing and available for all VSR models except the F-10.


In every boat additional storage box is desired, so VSR Lab designed waterproof storage box.

The Standard color is white.

Length: 270mm

Width: 395mm

Height: 490 mm

Weight: 13,240 kg


VSR boats are equipped with the highest quality tubes made from hypalon Orca 828, PES1100 DTEX 1300 g/m2 made by Pennel & Flipo fabric.


– Rubber handles for all models. Custom quantity and position.


The standard and recommended color for all models, except the F-10, is Alpine Blue. It’s the best quality material from palette with the longest lifetime. The standard color for the F-10 is military grey.

Other colors which are checked as good quality are: grey (especially Arctic grey), Sunflower Yellow, Orange Sylvano.

We do not offer tubes made in Bordeaux, Dark Blue, Vezuve/Stromboli Red.

For other colors please ask.

Note: custom tube color may require extra delivery time.

We can create custom logos and artwork for your VSR.  All artwork is laser cut from hypalon material and glued to the tube. Hypalon artwork lasts much longer than any type of sticker and also is much more esthetically pleasing.

Note: The 3 extra reinforcements below are available only on the 5.8R model!

Extra rubber protection under the bow (hypalon)


Double flat rubbing strakes on sides
“D” rubbing strakes, 1.8 meter around the bow