“My coach can follow me in all conditions…now i can train with winds and waves that i love….more than 20 knots. VSR made my training confident and special.”

Rafael Trujillo
Silver Finn medallist 2004


“I don’t want to coach from any other boat… my back is safe here.”

Kelly Hand
CYA National Coach, CAN


“I’m in awe of these new VSR Ribs. Their design and construction are a breakthrough in terms of sea-going capabilities. They’ve totally revolutionized light displacement high speed powerboats. To think that you can travel at nearly top speed on a 20 knot seabreeze day with 5 foot seas, not get wet AND stay in control is amazing!”

John Bertrand AM
World Champion, Olympic sailor, Winning Americas Cup Skipper


“I love the boat. Our staff thinks it’s the most functional boat that we’ve got. It’s really helped us to get in closer with to the kids.”

Zachary Leonard
McNay Family Director of Sailing, Yale University


“I have to tell you that it is the best investment I could have made and is one of the boats that I enjoy most of all. I use it to go to my 55ft motor yacht, to commute to the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club, to go to Queenscliff, to take family and friends around the shores of Portsea all the way to Rye and Dromana.
It has just been a fantastic and versatile boat. I have tested the boat in all sorts of different conditions in the bay and have always felt safe. At 10 knots, 20 knots and 30 knots, even in 1.5m waves, I don’t get wet!

It is easy to drive and, for the level of investment, provides very versatile usage. It is even good for calamari fishing!”

Giorgio Gjergja (Ausi Maid)
Winner of the 1996 Sydney Hobart, 1996 Kenwood Cup Australian winning team, large fleet owner


“We purchased our VSR 5.8 “Coach” version in March of 2006. It has been in Cascais, Portugal on course 5 in 30 knots, Sydney, Australia outside the Heads in 30 knots and Miami Beach, in the Gulfstream in BIG swells and breeze. I would not go out in any other inflatable under those conditions. The days of feeling like you are going over backwards are gone. It handles the roughest of conditions you throw at it. The high bow and sharp entry keep you dry and safe from blowing over. The narrow hull with the just the right size tubes, keeps you from getting massive air and cushions you enough on the drop, that you never have back problems. Days of pounding are over. Do yourself a favour and test it for yourself!”

Kevin Burnham
An American two-time Olympic medalist, 1992 silver medal and 2004 Gold medal in 470 class


“I’m in awe of these new VSR Ribs. Their design and construction are a breakthrough in terms of sea-going capabilities. They’ve totally revolutionized light displacement high speed powerboats. To think that you can travel at nearly top speed on a 20 knot seabreeze day with 5 foot seas, not get wet AND stay in control is amazing!”

Peter Bentley
Technical Projects Manager, Skandia Team GBR 2008


“The VSR designed coaches boats are like no other Rib as there is no second even close to their rough water sea going ride, Plus you remain dry, Plus they are very fuel efficient with smaller engine requirements than similar sized Ribs. They are very strongly built without added weight and no hidden compartments. All equipment can easily be reached and maintained, even the fuel tanks can be removed if necessary. They have met all of my wishes and much more for a top power boat from a sailors point of view, the best!

I have experienced lots of RIBs and was always appalled at how badly they pound in choppy and rough water plus getting everyone wet. Some years ago I had enough of it and decided to design my own concentrating on where I thought the fault was and that was the bow entry area. I was going to use my sailboat knowledge and work with a designer as I am not a trained marine architect, but have built boats including the Olympic classes by eye only. Very fortunately, my manager of Harken Adriatica in Portoroz, Slovenia, Mitja Margon, heard of my plans and introduced me to Samo Potokar in Slovenia who had the same frustrations as I did with RIBS during his coaching days, and had previously attacked the problem. He was already doing successfully what I thought was the answer in 6 meter and under “Coaches” boats.

I was interested in building a 9 to 11 meter RIB with soft seagoing capability and high fuel efficiency and Samo asked if I would be interested in using my experience to help them with larger ones. I had been in the boat business building the Olympic classes under the Vanguard name from 1967—1986 before we concentrated on our Harken deck gear business and did not really want to start again so this was a welcome opportunity with a great young hardworking team, so I asked Samo if I could invest and join with them and they accepted me. I’m proud to say I am part of the VSR TEAM and have been working with Samo and our architect, Peter Neceda, on our planned 11meter plus promoting the Coaches boats and introducing them into the USA. and our other Harken world subsidiaries.”

Peter Harken
Harken yacht equipment, President


“For our Emerging Nations Program that we are running as a lead up to Perth2011 we needed two RIB coach boats. From a coaching point of view the vertical bowed VSRs were an obvious choice. They are capable of keeping up with a RSX board sailing over 20 knots and at the same time keep the coach dry. They are well built, economical and even came in our aqua blue colour.

A fantastic craft and congratulations. I’m glad I bought one!”

John Longley AM
Perth 2011 ISAF Sailing World Championships, Event Director


“The RYA was looking for improved sea-riding qualities combined with lighter weight, better fuel economy and ease of towing. I have found the wave piercing 5.8 to be unique in fulfilling all these requirements.”

Barrie Edgington
RYA Olympic Development Squad Manager


“The VSR is by far the most comfortable boat from which I have ever coached in my 15 years of coaching. I first used a VSR in Zadar, Croatia in 2004 while coaching the I-420 European Championship. We had a massive squall come through the race course with extremely steep, close together waves about 4m in height. The conditions were gnarly. We had sailors scattered all over the place. The only coaches able to go quickly upwind to look for and rescue sailors were the coaches in VSRs. The 5.8m C model with the sharp pointed bow just sliced through the waves and allowed me to motor full speed in a controlled manner upwind in these big waves. It was incredible. After that experience I was sold on the boats as being the perfect coachboats — drives upwind and downwind in extreme conditions with complete control; tows quickly using the tow bar both safely and efficiently; uses very little fuel; can be run on a low hp engine; and, best of all, I don’t come off the coachboat with a torn up back, and I am dry!”

Elizabeth Kratzig
 Past  US Sailing Team member. US  I-420 National Team Coach.